CD "Two Dogs" = POPA CHUBBY

      Neuerscheinung 2017
      CD Two Dogs
      Popa Chubby

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      Ted Horowitz rockt seit über 25 Jahren den Blues als Popa Chubby und sein stürmisches, inbrünstiges Gitarrenspiel ist so kraftvoll wie eh und je. Am 27. Oktober erschien das neue Album „Two Dogs“ sein brandneues Studioalbum als CD Digipak und limitierte 12“ Vinyl sowie digital.

      Info von e.a.r Music: Sein neues Album ist vielleicht sein pesönliches. „People ask me why 2 dogs? It´s on old fable – 2 dogs, 2 wolves, sagt Popa Chubby. “We have become polarized as a race. There is a battle inside each of us. Each day we rise and must choose our path calling upon each other and our own spirits for strength and courage. The dog we fees is the one that rules the dog we strave dies of neglect. It is up to each of us to use our spirit to feed the dog that will enable all of us to thrive. I believe in the triumph of the human spirit, I believe that a grain of hope is more powerful than a mountain of fear. And I believe I Love. We are here to love. Love each other, love the gift that is this life, and love music. So my dear friends, I make this offering to you with love, hope and the awareness that the dog I feed is the one that will help me to bring all the love in my soul to you.”


      It´s Alright
      Rescue Me
      Preexisting Conditions
      Sam Lay´s Pistol* Galea u. T. Horowitz
      Two Dogs
      Dirty Old Blues
      Shakedown* Galea u. T. Horowitz
      Wound Up Getting High
      Cayophus Dupree
      Me Won´t Back Down
      Chubby´s Boogie
      Sympathy for the Devil * (Jagger-Richards)
      Hallelujah* (Leonard Cohen)

      Alle Titel von T. Horowitz ausser *
      Popa Chubby – Guitars, Vocals and Percussio auf allen Titeln, Drums auf Clayophus u. Me Won´t Back Down, Bass auf Rescue Me, Shakedown, Two Dogs, Clayophus u. Me won´t Back Down Sam “Freightrain” Bryant – Drums auf allen anderen Titeln
      Andy Paladino – Bass auf It´s Allright, Chubby´s Boogie, Preexisting Conditions, Dirty Old Blues Dave Keyes – Keyboards auf allen Titeln
      Tipitina Horowitz – Trumpet
      Andrew Garrison – Tenor Saxophone
      Andrea Beccaro – Drums auf Sympathy for the Devil
      Francesco Beccaro – Bass auf Sympathy for the Devil

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      I Love The Life I Live, I Live The Life I Love (Muddy Waters)