meine 30 songs für eine einsame insel

      meine 30 songs für eine einsame insel

      1. even in the quitest moments (supertramp)

      2. dark side of the moon (pink floyd)

      3. love of my life (queen)

      4. broken englisch ( marianne faithfull)

      5. love and emotions (willy de ville)

      6. black magic women (santana)

      7. bohemian rhapsody (queen)

      8. whish you where here (pink floyd)

      9. ride on (ACDC)

      10. paint in black (rolling stones)

      11. imagine (john lennon)

      12. Highway blues (bob dylan)

      13. Wonderful tonight (eric clapton

      14. When the crowds are gone (Savatage)

      15. Dream of Live ( Patti Smith)

      16. Shine on your crazy diamonds (Pink Floyd)

      17. Haevens hung in black (W.A.S.P)

      18. If I can change the world (eric Clapton)

      19. Poor man moody blues (BJH)

      20. Immortal (helloween)

      21. A thousand years (Sting)

      22. Nothing else matters (Metallica)

      23. Let your soul be your pilot (Sting)

      24. Chasing cars (snow patrol)

      25. Dont give up (Peter Gabriel + Kate Bush)

      26. Togher than the rest (The Boss!)

      27. Purple Rain (Prince)

      28. The flames still burns (Strange fruits meine Woodstock-Generation)

      29. Agony and Ectasy (Savatage)

      30. Kashmir (Led Zeppelin)

      welche sind eure?
      Musik ist eine legale Droge